Bill Smitrovich teaches
"The Inner Game of Acting"

In this class you will


and expel expectations, You will be able to set manageable objectives, and replace the negative with a working solution.


to focus on the process or present moment instead of outcomes.  Learn how to control your emotions and pre-performance jitters.

Take control

of your artistic ability and learn to retain that  confidence in the face of adversity.


doubts and destructive thoughts before they  gum up your creative path. 


trust in yourself and the characters you play.  Stop obsessing on the perfect 'tip' that will solve all your acting problems. 


techniques to put you in the 'state of mind' necessary to make the experience real to your self and the audience.  Surprise yourself!

Acting vs. Being Real

Barriers to being real on stage:

Competition - "Look how good I am" or "I don't know what I'm doing."

Perfection - "I'm not Laurence Olivier and I never will be."

Image - A classic trap.  Stanislavsky famously said, "Love the art in yourself not yourself in the art."

Friendship - "I want everyone to like me and invite me to the Wrap Party."

Fun - "I don't care if I don't win an award, I'm just having a good time."

Expectation - Every show or audition has  to be 'better' than the last.'

How do you stop sabotaging yourself?  Practice and love.  We will devote time identifying these debilitating beliefs, replacing them, and letting the real  you shine through!


Modified principles from  "The Inner Game of Golf" by W. Timothy Gallwey.  

A few Simple Truths

"All art aspires to the condition of music"

 Michael Chekhov,  "To The Actor"  

Use what works

There are lots of techniques and all of them work ...some of the time.  

Sticking to an old technique can get in the way of a fresh experience. 

Together.  We will experiment with various methods and tools to uncover and explore  ways of working that serve the unique artist in you.


Bill  taught at the University of Massachusetts and carries an MFA from Smith College.   In NYC he studied with Jack Garfein at The Harold Clurman Actors and Directors Lab.

The Priority is You

Let your ass drop.   Relax.  Nothing worthwhile can happen if an actor is not relaxed.

Expand mind and consciousness.  Find purpose and direction in your life and career.  

Actors need  to be independent, self-reliant and ready to tap into their intuition at a moment's notice.   You must be able to think for yourself.  Concentrate.  Focus.  

 Our small classes will insure a private place where you can dare to fail and fail and fail again. YOU are  priority.  Being ready for the opportunities ahead is our common goal.  

Convenient West Valley Location

Ongoing Classes

Personal Attention

Sundays from 11 - 2

MMA Studio, 21406 Ventua Blvd, Woodland Hills . 91364

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Ongoing Classes

Personal Attention

Small groups, 8-10, will work on material appropriate to their experience.  Topics will include reading a script, discovering your job, booking the job and what to do when you get there.   $250/month (4 weeks)

Sundays from 11 - 2

MMA Studio, 21406 Ventua Blvd, Woodland Hills . 91364

Private study

In studio or Skype

By appointment only. email:

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Private study

In studio or Skype

Personal work on monologues, on/off set prep, text discovery, preparing  audition scenes with partner,  last minute audition help, career organization and advice.  $100/hr.

By appointment only. email:

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For forty years as an actor in film, theater and television

Bill has had the good fortune to be associated with many fine projects. Visionary directors, inspired actors, and thrilling stories have kept  his love for the art of acting alive and thriving. Now as a veteran actor,  having lived through a kaleidoscope of ups and downs, triumphs and disappointments, he is able to share his insights with you.   His process,  forged by personal experience,  will enhance your own journey through this wonderful, exacting  and mysterious profession.


Selected Acting Credits

B'way:  The American Clock, Far East. TV: "Magnum PI", "Dynasty", "Grey's Anatomy", "Two and a Half Men", "The Last Ship", "Castle", Desperate Housewives", "Criminal Minds". Film:  The November Man, Ted 1 and 2, The Rum Diary, Seven Pounds, Iron Man, Thirteen Days, Air Force One, The Ghosts of Mississippi, The Phantom. Theater: A Number (ACT), The Skin of Our Teeth (Williamstown), The Price ( Seattle Rep), Requiem for a Heavy weight (LongWharf), Food from Trash (Actors Theater of Louisville).  

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